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Saturday - By Appointment Only

Pricing for Troubleshoots

$160.00          For the first half hour (travel time included)
$50.00            Each additional half-hour after, with a top off at 3/hrs. maximum

Okay, so I'm guessing your wondering how troubleshoots work, correct? Well I'll explain. You (homeowner), will call in and schedule for us to go out and troubleshoot your electrical issue, with hopes in fixing or correcting the problem. We charge $120 for the first half hour and $50 every half hour after, with a top off of 3/hrs., that means we don't go over troubleshoots over 3 hours, and the reasoning behind that, is because, troubleshoots can go on and on and on and you (homeowner), could be charged a LOT!!! So, anyway, we stop troubleshoots at 3/hrs. and if the electrician can't find the problem within that amount of time, he only will charge you the first half hour of $120 + Tax. If the electrician was unable to find and fix the problem within the 3/hr. timeframe, he will then inform you and write up an estimate on what it will take and cost to fix the issue, and thats about it, hope this helps you understand our process and payment on electrical troubleshoots.

Forms of Payment
We accept Personal Checks, VISA, MasterCard, or American Express.  We also accept Cash (exact change required).
*Payment is due upon completion of work

Pricing for Estimates

So, what does your bid estimate on your electrical project/s consist of?

Your estimate will consist of our hourly rate of $120/hr. + Material + Permit Fee + Tax


The process of our estimating generally goes like this:

1. Schedule for estimate appointment.
2. Electrician will go out to property, look and discuss scope of work with you (homeowner.)
3. Electrician will write up bid and send to you (homeowner) by email within 1-5 working days.
4. If you (homeowner) agree with scope of work and pricing points, you can call in and schedule for an install date. 



Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:30pm

Saturday - By Appointment Only
Service Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00am-7:00pm

Saturday - By Appointment Only

We schedule our technicians within a 2-hour window. Every electrician maintains personal communication with their customers and provides 15-30 minute courtesy call prior to the scheduled appointment to let you know we are on our way!